Kealan Gell, Agricultural Engineer


Kealan was born in BC and grew up on Vancouver Island, where he learned the importance of sustainable living.  After graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering  at McGill University in 2006, he worked extensively for  two years in the biogas and composting industry in Quebec and England. 

He went on to  complete an MSc in Agricultural Engineering in the Netherlands in 2010, returning to his hometown  where he founded Off-Grid Gas in 2011. 

Over the past 8 years, Kealan has drawn on his experiences and connections in Europe and Canada to  design, build and operate 10 complete, automated small-scale biogas systems, including pilot systems and farm systems. 

His clients have included Iredale Architects Group, Taste of BC Aquafarm, The Garden Living Lettuce, Phoenix Mats, Cowichan Energy Alternatives, The Community of Gameti, The Capital Regional District, and subcontracting for engineering companies such as Traxx Developments, Stantec and Symbiaudit Inc.

Kealan continues to be involved in international work. He was recently a keynote speaker at a conference  "Micro-Biogas in Western Europe: The Technology, its Role, and Applications" held in Belgium in 2018. 

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